Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday was addressing the 148th session of WHO Executive Board (digital) assembly.

ANI, New Delhi

PUBLISHED ON JAN 27, 2021 07:01 AM IST

The world is on verge of defeating the coronavirus pandemic by adopting preemptive, proactive and collaborative methods to fight the virus, mentioned Union well being minister Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday.

“I thank member nations that despite the wide disparity in their epidemiological trends, we’re on verge of defeating pandemic by adopting preemptive, proactive and collaborative strategies,” mentioned the Union Health Minister at 148th session of WHO Executive Board (digital) assembly.

Speaking in regards to the 12 months that was marred by the pandemic, he mentioned, “2020 was the year of science when the best of humanity was shown through the gloom that descended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation demanded setting up of major global collaboration so that scientists could share their expertise. For these governments, business and philanthropic organisations got together to start committing resources.”

On the efforts being undertaken globally to battle Covid-19, Harsh Vardhan added: “All member states are doing their utmost to overcome challenges and improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of health care services. But the job isn’t finished here. So we must redouble our commitment to putting an end to the pandemic.”

“In the present context, nowhere is safe until everywhere is safe. At the WHO, we have ensured that the low and middle-income countries have access to safe and effective Covid-19 tests, treatment and vaccine.”

Over the post-Covid world, he mentioned, “The post-Covid world will be filled with challenges. To overcome them, WHO needs to be a trailblazer, empowered to work towards a new vision that allows it to realise its full potential and strengthen health care systems across member nations.”

Harsh Vardhan’s assertion comes because the worldwide tally of Covid-19 instances surpassed the 100 million mark on Wednesday, in line with a tally by Johns Hopkins University. The United States continues to be the worst affected nation with 25,407,414 instances.


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