Onions imported from Iran have arrived on the wholesale APMC market in Vashi on Monday. With the onion costs rising within the area attributable to scarcity of onions from Maharashtra, the imported onions, that are cheaper, are being seen as different by merchants.

Iranian onions had been bought for ₹55 to ₹60 per kg, whereas these from varied areas of the state are promoting for ₹60 to ₹70 per kg within the wholesale market.

Ankush Gaikar, an onion dealer, mentioned, “With the onion stock dipping in local markets and prices rising, traders are increasingly importing onions. Around 600 tonnes of onion has arrived recently at Mumbai port of which 25 tonnes arrived in APMC market on Monday. The onions are of good quality and are cheaper than those available from local sources.”

Ganesh Patil, one other dealer, mentioned, “The number of vehicles bringing in onions daily has reduced. Today, 94 vehicles arrived against the usual of around 125 vehicles. Recent rains have damaged a lot of crop, and that is affecting supplies. Arrival of new crop is expected to be on the lower side for the next two months. This is where the imported onions will help cover the shortage. Onion is presently being imported from Iran, Egypt and Turkey.”

Anil Pandey, a retailer from Mumbai, mentioned the imported onions appear to be of fine high quality however added that it’s the shopper who will resolve if they like it over the Indian onion. He mentioned, “Indians have a liking for a particular taste of onions, and the imported onions often do not match it.”

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