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Shania Twain got VERY honest in her new interview with Andy Cohen, & revealed that she once peed herself during a live concert!

Shania Twain, 53, is one quick-thinking lady! In a new interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohenthe country singer told the story of how she once quote literally peed herself onstage, and had to cover it up before the audience noticed! “I was very clever in this one moment,” she said of the incident. “I stood up from my chair to get up and sing. I peed myself, and the puddle, I just knocked my glass of water over,” she said. “I was wearing a skirt, thank goodness,” she said, remembering the incident. “I stood up, it all came out, I was dry.” We’ve got to give Shania major props for being brave enough to tell this story!

Shania had a plethora of hilarious stories to share with Andy during the interview. After the pee incident confession, Shania went on to talk about the time she went to Rome with her hubby, and they got locked out of their hotel room in the middle of the night! “I went to bed naked that night, and I had to go for a pee and I opened up the wrong door and ended up in the hallway,” Twain said. Shania REALLY brought the laughs with this interview.

While Shania has some pretty epic stories about the past, the singer is still looking to the future. She has a slew of tour dates ahead of her, in support of her most recent album, Now. The country music legend will be gracing stages across Australia, New Zealand, and more!

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