David Letterman and Robert Downey Jr in a still from My Next Guest Needs no Introduction.

Actor Robert Downey Jr opened up about his previous struggles with medication in an look on David Letterman’s discuss present, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Downey’s pre-Iron Man profession was mired with frequent brushes with the legislation, and a stint in jail.

On the present, he recalled how he was by no means ‘blotto’ on set, however on sure events needed to be revived from a ‘near-coma’ to shoot scenes. “Back then, when I was a kid, doing that, you could say that it was ‘fun’, but it was pretty stressful too,” he mentioned.

“There was a single crossover, and I call it the most relaxed performance in the history of cinema,” Downey mentioned, speaking about his function within the 1995 Jodie Foster-directed movie, Home for the Holidays. “She was really critical of just being like, ‘Well, looks like you’re getting away with it on this one. I wouldn’t try this again because we’re kind of a forgiving group.’ I was like, ‘Wasn’t that last take great?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re great. It’s going great.’”

He nodded when Letterman listed names of medication reminiscent of cocaine and heroin, asking if he’d used them. “By the way, I like drinking a lot too,” he interjected. Downey mentioned that he used medication from the age of eight to 38.

Downey revealed that when he was in jail, Foster wrote him a letter. “And then when I, you know, was locked up in a penitentiary, she sent me a letter saying, ‘Let me tell you about what I meant by it’s going great,’” he mentioned, including that he didn’t know what ‘the tipping point’ of him slipping into habit was, however that it was ‘just the culture that I was raised in.’

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He continued, “As the AMA [American Medical Association] will say that alcoholism or addiction is essentially a brain disease, but it’s a brain disease that people don’t want to take the cure for when it’s offered, so it’s a very insidious thing.”

The actor credited his spouse for getting him via that part of his life, and recalled that she’d been assigned to chaperone him on the peak of his troubles.

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