US President Donald Trump speaks during the final 2020 US presidential campaign debate in the Curb Event Center at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

US President Donald Trump in his last debate with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday (native time) mentioned the nation will get a vaccine towards Covid-19 in weeks. Earlier, the president had promised Americans will get vaccines earlier than November three election.

Here’s what Donald Trump mentioned on Covid-19 and vaccine

‘I am immune as doctors say’

Donald Trump began his reply on Coronavirus pandemic — one of many debate subjects — by saying 2.2 million individuals have been modelled out to die. There have been spikes in Florida, Texas. But Covid-19 goes away, Trump mentioned on reported surges of Covid-19 in a number of states of the US. “More and more people are getting better. I got Covid-19 but I am fine now. Otherwise, I would not have been here. Doctors say I am immune,” he mentioned.

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Vaccine in weeks

Talking concerning the a vaccine towards Covid-19, Donald Trump mentioned the US administration is prepared with the vaccine. Asked to present a clearer roadmap, Trump mentioned, “We will get vaccine in weeks. There will be announcements. Johnson & Johnson is doing a great job. Then there is Moderna, Pfizer and several other companies working towards the development of a vaccine.”

Military might be distributing the vaccine

What Donald Trump reiterated whereas talking concerning the vaccine in the course of the debate was the navy might be distributing the vaccine, as soon as authorized.

Cure can’t be worse, New York ‘ghost town’

“We can’t keep this country close. This is a massive economy. People are going into depression. The cure can’t be worse than the problem. See, what happened to my city New York. It looks like a ghost town now,” Trump mentioned emphasising that his focus might be on reopening and never locking down anymore.

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