More than 60 folks have been killed as a consequence of lightning strikes in three states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh within the final 24 hours. Condoling the lack of lives, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced an ex-gratia of 2 lakh for relations of the deceased and 50,000 for these injured. Compensation has additionally been introduced by the respective state governments.

What is lightning?

National Geographic describes lightning as an “electrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground.” This “imbalance” is created between storm clouds and objects on the bottom; the decrease reaches of the storm clouds are “negatively” charged whereas objects on the bottom are “positively” charged. This imbalance results in the passage of present between the 2 reverse fees, which is known as lightning.

Why is lightning strike harmful?

The similar National Geographic report states that round 2000 folks lose their lives because of the phenomenon yearly. Death as a consequence of a lightning strike takes place when the bottom lightning bolt comes inside 150 toes (46 metres) of a positively charged object on the bottom. This contact results in a surge of optimistic electrical energy, known as a “streamer,” which may affect a constructing, a tree, and even an individual.

Those who survive lightning strikes would possibly undergo from numerous lasting signs. These embody reminiscence loss, weak point, dizziness, numbness and many others. These also can trigger cardiac arrest and extreme burns.

Dos and don’ts throughout a lightning strike

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has listed numerous dos and don’ts to be adopted throughout a lightning strike. Here are some primary dos and don’ts to be adopted:

(1.) If the climate forecast is for thunderstorms, postpone or delay your exercise

(2.) Go inside a secure shelter whenever you hear thunder. Safe shelters embody concrete houses, concrete buildings, or laborious high automobiles with their home windows rolled up.

(3.) Follow the 30/30 “Lightning Safety Rule.” This rule states that one ought to rush indoors if after seeing lightning, they can not depend to 30 earlier than listening to thunder. Additionally, it states that one ought to take heed to a flash of thunder, and go outside if no different flash is heard for 30 minutes.

(4.) Avoid elevated areas like hills, cliffs, mountain ridges and peaks. One also needs to instantly get out of and away from a water physique.

(5.) Do not lie flat on the bottom, as an alternative get right into a place of “lightning crotch.” In this place, one ought to squat, wrap their arms round legs, hold toes collectively, head lowered, ears coated and eyes closed.

(6.) If the hair on the again of 1’s neck stands up, this might be a sign {that a} lightning strike is “imminent.” Keep away from traces and objects that conduct electrical energy, and instantly unplug all electrical home equipment.

(7.) Taking shelter below timber is strictly prohibited as these are conductors of electrical energy. If trapped in a gaggle, keep away from standing shut to one another to scale back the variety of accidents.

(8.) Continue listening to native radio and tv stations for up to date data or directions.

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