Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut criticised BJP’s vaccine promise to Bihar as the state is gearing up for a three-phase poll.

Taking a swipe on the BJP’s election manifesto for poll-bound Bihar that features free Covid-19 vaccine to all of Bihar, Shiv Sena chief Sanjay Raut stated that earlier it was ‘give me blood and I will give you freedom’. “But now it has become ‘give me vote and I will give you vaccine’. Only those who vote for BJP will get vaccine. It shows BJP’s discriminatory nature,” the chief stated on Friday, alluding to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s iconic speech that he made in Burma in 1944.

Shiv Sen is contesting in round 50 seats in Bihar, as introduced by the get together earlier.

The promise of a vaccine — that’s present process trial — at freed from value through the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic drew sharp reactions from all political corners.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi slammed the get together and tweeted, “GOI just announced India’s Covid access strategy. Kindly refer to the state-wise election schedule to know when will you get it, along with a hoard of false promises.”

Soon after the BJP introduced free vaccine for Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh too walked the identical path and promised free vaccines.

While questions are being raised whether or not the vaccine promise violates Model Code of Conduct, people familiar with the matter told Hindustan Times that the promise might not be seen as a violation. “Under section 123 (2) of the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, a declaration of public policy, or a promise of publication, or the mere exercise of a legal right without intent to interfere with an electoral right, shall not be deemed to be interference within the meaning of this clause,” they stated.

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