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We finally have some good news on the COVID-19 vaccine front after US biotechnology company Moderna Inc fares success in human trials.

While we all are eagerly awaiting a COVID-19 vaccine, an American company has seemingly cracked the code. An experimental vaccine made by Moderna Inc has apparently been successful in producing antibodies in a very small group.

What did the US vaccine’s trial journey look like?

In a 45-subject trial, Moderna Inc tested a group of eight people starting March. During this brief trial, subjects were given varying doses of the vaccine ranging from 100 micrograms to 25 micrograms.

Interestingly, after analysis, it was found that people who received a 100 microgram dose and those who received a 25 microgram dose both had enough levels of protective antibodies to fend off SARS-CoV-2, even more than what is found in recovered COVID-19 patients.

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The journey to search out a COVID-19 cure has just started

Although the vaccine was found to be effective during a small group, it can’t be seen as a cure-all for COVID-19 yet. Dr. Amesh Adalja, an expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security within the US, states: “These are significant findings but it’s a phase 1 clinical test that only included eight people. it absolutely was designed for safety, not for efficacy.”

This vaccine’s effectiveness within the microcosm may be a huge step within the advancement of the cure. “What we do see is encouraging”, Dr. Adalja further stated. Yet, it’s still a small victory since it’s efficacy test might bring glitches in thousands of individuals.

What about side-effects? During the first testing of Moderna’s vaccine, three participants were found with “flu-like” symptoms after getting a second shot of the very best dose. Researchers believe the symptoms were an indirect measure of a robust immune reaction.

What shall be the vaccine plan of action now?

Since Mordera Inc’s vaccine has shown promise, it’s been given the green light to start out the second phase of human testing. it’s also been given a “fast-track” status to speed up the regulatory review of its efficacy. COVID-19 vaccine Moderna Inc is certainly giving us the traces of hope we want.
As the vaccine enters the second phase of testing, it aims to seek out the optimal dosage while maintaining effectiveness. The third phase of the trial is predicted to start out in July and Mordera Inc aspires to provide tens of many vaccines a month in 2021 if the trials prove successful. An efficient vaccine could take 12 -18 months from the beginning of development, and Moderna Inc started their journey in January.

Although Moderna Inc will make the US its first beneficiary, they aspire to serve “as many of us they will from SARS-CoV-2”. In their endeavor to save lots of the planet from the trudges of coronavirus, we wish all of them the luck and strength they have.

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