The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday directed faculties affiliated to it to finish tabulation and moderation of marks for sophistication 12 college students in a time-bound method in order that the consequence might be declared by July 31.

The board exams for sophistication 12 had been cancelled in view of the second wave of COVID-19. Results shall be declared on the premise of an alternated evaluation coverage introduced by CBSE that takes into consideration the marks of lessons 10, 11 and 12 in addition to inner evaluation and initiatives.

“As the board has to declare the result latest by July 31, schools are requested to follow the schedule strictly and complete the moderation within schedule. If any school is left to complete the moderation within the stipulated schedule, their result will be declared separately after July 31.

“It is necessary to reiterate that the frequent goal earlier than all of us is the declaration of legitimate, dependable and unbiased outcomes of the scholars within the pandemic scenario,” CBSE Examination Controller Sanyam Bhardwaj said in a letter to school principals.

The board said that the portal for finalisation and moderation of results will open from July 16 to July 22.

“Moderating marks of sophistication 11 and 12 shall be an excellent accountability, which needs to be performed in a way to make sure justice and equity to college students. Any differential software of coverage throughout faculties might end in both adversarial impression or undue achieve for some college students.

“It should be kept in mind that the responsibility of the result committee is being exercised on the behalf of CBSE for the entire student population and should not be seen as limited to that of a particular school. Schools are mandated to moderate the marks in such a manner that the results are comparable and no student should suffer because of any unequal application of policy within a school or across schools,” Bhardwaj stated.

To help the faculties, CBSE has supplied marks, together with distribution of the marks, primarily based on the very best efficiency of the earlier three years which is taken as reference for the aim of moderation.

“Schools are once again directed to follow the reference distribution while moderating marks. Also, to ensure comparability and fairness at the higher range of marks, schools should exercise due diligence and ensure that there is no bunching of total marks in the range of 95 and above.

“They will, due to this fact, have to limit the variety of college students at every degree of general marks from 95 and above to make sure that this quantity just isn’t greater than the variety of college students scoring these general marks, as per the very best historic efficiency of the final three years,” the examination controller said.

The software developed by CBSE for the purpose has two sections — subject-wise moderation and overall moderation.

“An entire tabulation sheet shall be seen for faculties comprising all parts of marks… and faculties ought to first undergo the rules and perceive earlier than endeavor moderation of marks. It may additionally be ensured that the ‘submission’ button must be pressed solely when you find yourself confirmed that moderation performed by you is 100 per cent appropriate.

“In case, it is observed that a school has not followed the directions, CBSE before preparation result will moderate the marks to bring the awarded marks in consonance with the objectives of the policy. The changes made by the schools in data will be recorded by CBSE. If it is observed that the policy has not been followed to the letter and spirit by schools, CBSE may initiate action against such as stipulated in the policy,” he added.

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