Continuing his tirade towards Pakistan for sheltering the Taliban, Afghan first Vice President Amrullah Saleh has not too long ago posted the photograph of the signing of the Instrument of Surrender in 1971 on Twitter and stated Afghanistan doesn’t and won’t ever have such an image. “Dear Pak Twitter attackers, Taliban and terrorism won’t heal the trauma of this picture. Find other ways,” Amrullah Saleh wrote.

“Yes, yesterday I flinched for a fraction of a second as a rocket flew above and landed few metres away,” he wrote.

In 1971 was following which Bangladesh was created, Pakistan needed to publicly give up to the joint forces of the Indian Army and Bangladesh’s Mukti Bahini, which was the biggest army give up after World War 2. Pakistan’s General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, together with 93,000 troops, surrendered and signed the Instrument of Surrender on December 16 in Dhaka after a 13-day struggle.

Taliban seem to have ‘strategic momentum’ in Afghanistan: Top US general

Amrullah Saleh has been tweeting about Pakistan Army supporting Taiban within the Spin Boldak space. “If anyone doubts my tweet on Pak Air Force and Pak Army warning to the Afghanistan side not to retake Spin Boldak, I am ready to share evidence through DM. Afghan aircraft as far as 10 kilometres from Spin Boldak are warned to back off or face air to air missiles. Afghanistan is too big to be swallowed,” Saleh had tweeted on July 15, a day earlier than Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was killed in Spin Boldak in a Taliban assault.

The Afghan authorities and Taliban representatives are engaged in talks in Doha to succeed in a settlement, whereas the Taliban captured the Spin Boldak border of the nation. Amid this escalation, the daughter of the Afghan envoy in Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil was kidnapped and tortured on July 16, following which President Ashraf Ghani referred to as again a number of diplomats from Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s diplomatic community is working hard painting and decorating a fictional image for Talibs. On the ground however Talibs 2.0 is nothing but an Afghanistan replica of IS-K and Al-Qadea, providing bases to foreign “good and dangerous terrorists” The “good” LeT is their buddies in allegiance,” Saleh stated in a tweet.

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