Afghanistan shouldn’t be heading again to the “dark age” as 40 member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) are at the moment preventing a conflict on terror, mentioned the nation’s envoy to India Farid Mamundzay. After the withdrawal of the NATO forces, it was anticipated that the nation must face a tough interval, he added.

“We are not heading to a dark age. We need to remember there were 40+ NATO member countries fighting a war on terror. After their withdrawal, this was expected that we would be going through a difficult period,” the Afghan ambassador was quoted as saying by information company ANI on Friday.

Speaking on ties with India, Mamundzay mentioned it has been a significant companion of Afghanistan and might play a constructive position in “our peace process, together with other regional actors”. “India can utilise its convening power to put more pressure on the Taliban through diplomatic channels to come to the negotiating table,” he mentioned whereas urging the latter to stop violence as the method of withdrawal of US troops nears completion.

“We are concerned over the intensity of violence and we call on the Taliban that they need to cease violence since the withdrawal of international forces is complete to a larger extent. It’s time to put an end to the bloodshed of innocent people,” he mentioned.

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Mamundzay’s assertion got here hours after AFP reported that Taliban negotiator Shahabuddin Delawar has claimed the group now controls “85 percent of Afghanistan’s territory”, roughly overlaying some 250 of the nation’s 398 districts. Russian international ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova additionally spoke about Taliban’s rising affect within the area, because the group “currently controls about two-thirds” of the nation’s border with Tajikistan.

More than 1,000 Afghan troopers have been compelled to flee to Tajikistan this week after clashing with the Taliban, marking the third time this month Taliban has compelled troops to flee to save lots of their lives. Regarding the current spate of violence, the envoy mentioned, “Over 3,600 people have been killed since April, civilians alone. Close to 1,000 soldiers have been martyred, over 3000 have been wounded. So the cost that we pay with human lives is unparalleled.”

Mamundzay mentioned there have been no talks on closing the Indian consulate in his nation as there isn’t a quick safety menace. “The people of Afghanistan value and want the presence of Indian consulates, its decision for the people and government to make with the Indian government. We see no immediate threat. There are no such talks on closing Indian consulates,” he mentioned.

He additionally spoke in regards to the presence of Shuras in Pakistan which he mentioned was “something of great concern to us”. “Their families still live there. They have the support and infrastructure currently present in Pakistan, we would want to see that changed.”

Meanwhile, exterior affairs minister S Jaishankar, who held a gathering with Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in the course of the day mentioned the state of affairs in Afghanistan occupied a whole lot of our consideration as a result of it has a direct implication for regional safety. “We believe that the immediate need of the day is really a reduction in violence,” he mentioned.

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US President Joe Biden informed reporters on Thursday that US troops will utterly withdraw from the war-ravaged nation on August 31, whereas stating that America didn’t go to Afghanistan to “nation build” and that “Afghan leaders have to come together and drive toward a future”. The Biden administration’s plan to evacuate 1000’s of Afghans who helped the US army as translators, informers, and drivers throughout their deployment, can also be underneath intense scrutiny from many Congressional lawmakers.

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