a 10 year old boy asked Qantas

Both the letters are making people on the Internet smile.

A 10-year-old with a big dream of starting his own airline has written the sweetest letter to the CEO of Qantas. In his adorable letter, Alex Jacquot details his plans to start his own airline he has named ‘Oceania Express’. Introducing himself as the CEO of the venture, Alex has asked Alan Joyce advice on his dream project. His letter is so delightful, Joyce himself has written back to the little CEO. Both the letters are now making people on the Internet smile.

“I’m Alex Jacquot, a 10-year-old boy (please take me seriously) and I want to start an airline,” begins the letter. it goes on to explain details about the airline and the work Alex has done so far.

“I have already started some stuff like what type of planes I’ll need, flight numbers, catering and more,” he writes, adding that he has also hired a CFO, ahead of IT, a Head of Maintenance, a Head of Board Services and a Head of Legal. He then goes on to ask Joyce some questions including any tips he may have for someone starting a new airline.

The heartwarming letter seems to have made quite an impact and got a reply from the Qantas CEO himself. He’s written back saying that while he wouldn’t ordinarily give advice to his competitors, he would make an exception this time. “I too was once a young boy who was so curious about flight and all its possibilities,” says the letter.

reply of Quantas to 10 year old boy
Reply of Qantas to the 10-year-old boy

Since being shared earlier today, the tweet has collected over 17,000 ‘likes’ and more than 6,000 retweets – and still counting. Several people have shared their reaction to the letters.

“Now this is dreaming big! These days, people need to dream big and set goals! What a feeling he must’ve had to the letter,” says one Twitter user. “That is lovely… that young man will never forget this, so well done Alan Joyce and Qantas,” says another. “Wow. This is the nicest thing I read today! ‘CEO of Australia’s oldest airline to CEO of Australia’s newest airline’,” says a third.

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